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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MaxPac Asbestos Removal A Go!

I wanted to inform you of the status of the
pending asbestos removal permit for work at the
MaxPak site. Since the meeting of the Public
Safety Committee on November 9th, City staff has
been in regular contact with KSS Realty and the
DEP to discuss and plan for the issuance of the
asbestos permit. The following has occurred:

1. OSPCD has independently contacted the DEP
regarding their review of the application
submitted by KSS;

2. OSPCD has required KSS to install 4" of clean
recycled crushed concrete and brick over the
construction access roadway between Cedar
Street and Warwick Street to provide a path
for the vehicles to travel that will not be in
contact with the soil below. They will be
adding additional material between Warwick
Street and Lowell Street by the end of this
week; and,

3. OSPCD has required KSS to install a wheel wash
approximately 90 feet from Cedar Street. The
gravel material between the wheel wash and
Cedar Street is larger in size than the rest
of the right of way to ensure that any soil
will be removed from the truck tires.
4. OSPCD has heard from the DEP that when asbestos
is bound within asphault roofing material (as
it is at the MaxPak site), it is extremely
difficult to release into the air and, in
fact, removal of the asphault tile is not
required prior to the demolition per DEP
regulations. In addition, air monitoring is
not required by the DEP so KSS is going beyond
State requirements.

It is our understanding
that the reason they are removing the roof
prior to the rest of the demolition is to
allow for the recycling of the other materials
on site (i.e., concrete and brick) or off-site
(i.e., steel and wood). If everything was
demolished at one time, as allowed by the DEP,
then none of the materials could be recycled
because it would be co-mingled.
We have received communication this evening that
the plan submitted by KSS meets the DEP
requirements and they will be allowed to proceed
with asbestos removal on 11/17/2009.

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