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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Safety Issues At MaxPac...

It seems that the open space at the MaxPac site has attracted some unwanted attention from gun-toting youths to wild animal-releasing drivers. Shots being fired into a dumpster from a .22 caliber handgun and reports of a wild animal being released from a metal cage had our Clyde Street neighbors unnerved and vocal at the most recent Public Health and Safety Committee meeting held on Monday night.

Alderman Bill White has requested that the representative from KSS Realty provide a safety plan that will be presented to the committee in several weeks. An update on the date and time of this meeting will be posted as soon as I get it.

In the meantime, police will increase patrols and the wind blockers will be removed for better visual of the site. Of course, please report any suspicious activity around the site! Please note that orders to increase police patrol, as well as other safety measures were submitted by Alderman Sean O'Donovan at the January 28th Board of Alderman meeting.

For more information on these incidents please visit this link.

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