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Friday, February 5, 2010

SomeSense Asking Residents To Send Letters To Board Of Alderman!

Recently, I brought you the story regarding the group, Somerville Residents for Sensible Development (SomeSense), who are seeking to remove special permitting power from the Zoning Board of Appeals and transfer it to the Board of Alderman. Journalist Alix Roy covered the details of the group and the reason of their creation in an article for the YourTown/Somerville section of Boston.Com.

Last night, SomeSense representative Teri Swartzel sent out a template that residents can use to email/mail the Board of Alderman, as well as instructions and contact information for all members of the BOA.

I have created a widget on the right side of the blog with links to all three of these documents for your convenience. Embedded into the BOA contact information is a link (through their name) to their homepage on the City of Somerville website.

Please note that there will be a meeting regarding this issue:
BOA - Committee on Land Use
Alderman Sean O’Donovan, Chairman of the Committee on Land Use, has
requested that the committee meet, as follows:

Date:Tuesday, February 9 6:00 PM
Location:City Hall - 93 Highland Avenue - 2nd Floor Committee Room

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