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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Joint Committee Meeting Tonight Regarding Zoning!

Alderman Sean O’Donovan, Chairman of the Committee on Land Use has requested that the committee meet in JOINT SESSION with the Planning Board, as follows:

Date: March 4, 2010
Time: 6pm
Place: City Hall/Aldermanic Chambers
Details: Joint committee meeting including Land Use and Planning. SomeSense will be presenting their proposed zoning changes to both committees.

Agenda Items:
•Amendment to the Somerville Zoning Ordinance to amend the allowable uses, the review requirements for certain uses, and the purpose statements in the IA and IP zones

•Amendment to the Somerville Zoning Ordinance to remove from the Zoning Board of Appeals the authority to grant special permits or special permits with site plan review and to vest it in the Board of Aldermen

•Amendment to the Somerville Zoning Ordinance to down zone to a more restrictive residential district certain parcels of land and the buildings thereon situated near park street in Ward 2

•Amendment to the Somerville Zoning Ordinance to require development projects seeking a special permit that are a certain minimum size to be subject to water & sewer and traffic studies that are conducted by an independent engineer who has not had a business relationship with the city or the developer during the seven (7) years preceding application submission

•Amendment to the Somerville Zoning Ordinance to suspend the SPGA’s authority to grant density bonus special permits until a comprehensive analysis and report has been prepared and submitted to the Board of Aldermen by an independent land use consultant detailing the impact(s) of the ordinance on the city

•Amendment to the Somerville Zoning Ordinance to correct a serious flaw in the zoning ordinance that allows the true applicant(s) for special permits or variances to hide behind this loophole and not disclose themselves at the time of application to the SPGA or the Zoning Board of Appeals

•Any and all business

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