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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Remember All That Stuff About Historic Designation?

In late January, the topic of historic designation was a Somerville Journal blog topic, turned into a Ward 5 Online posting, was rumored to be a Board of Alderman agenda item, but ended up not being mentioned by either. The subject has, however, crept onto the agenda for tonight's Committee on Legislative Matters meeting (Alderman Chambers/8pm/City Hall). I will be attending tonight's meeting and will update the website accordingly.

The agenda items:
•187942: regulation of noise, overcrowding and other activities from churches
•188281: draft amendment relative to non-emergency and ambient noise on Saturdays
•188730: options relative to the City’s contract with FW Russell Disposal
•188825: draft letter relative to local historic district designations
•Any and all business

•187940: trash ordinance inconsistencies relative to bulk items

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