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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Remember Those Somervision Meetings?

When most disregarded these meetings as nothing more than the current administration accomodating to the growing desire of residents to have input in the direction of Somerville, an actual plan has been unveiled this week that includes the insight of 250+ Somervillians that took the time to attend one (or all) of these sessions.

This Vision PDF, as well as, detailed notes of each session can be accessed by visitors by logging on to the page dedicated to Strategic Planning and Community Development on the City of Somerville website.

The opportunity for comments is not over, either, as you can voice your thoughts on the Somerville Blog: The community forum for

I have always advocated for a broader spectrum of input when it comes to the progression of Somerville. These visioning sessions were a perfect example of the possibilities of the untapped brilliance of our community being combined with political representatives and the wonders it can have on the future of Somerville.

Please make it a point to offer your insight at the above named blog, or here at Ward5Online.Com!

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