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Monday, March 8, 2010

Safety Plan Implemented At MaxPac!

It seems that all has been quiet on the MaxPac front since news of safety issues were reported and brought before The Committee on Public Safety. KSS Realty along with the Somerville Police Department and Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development combined forces to step up monitoring of the area to keep residents safe.

In response to these incidents, the following actions have been made by KSS Realty:
*Removal of the windscreen on the fence to increase visibility into the site.
*Installation of missing portion of fence along the tracks by early February.
*Improving the portion of fence at the end of Clyde Street by early February.
*Providing Police and Fire Departments copies of keys to all locked gates.
*Placing additional warning signs on all perimeter fences indicating that *trespassing is not allowed.

In addition, the Somerville Police Department has increased patrols to ensure the site is visited 3-4 times per 8 hour shift. The patrols will include checks of gates at Lowell Street and Warwick Street, as well as bike path. Also, the community officer has been directed to walk the bikepath area regularly during his/her shift.

Lastly, the Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development visited the site when completing other inspections in the neighborhood and will schedule a meeting prior to start of construction of Phase I to discuss security and typical pre-construction meeting topics.

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