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Monday, March 22, 2010

Signs, Signs, Everwhere Are Signs!

Just as passionate as Somerville is about enforcing parking rules, they are growing more passionate about pedestrian safety. The conversation of crosswalk signs came up this evening at the committee meeting on Public Health and Safety, just in time for the walking-friendly spring and summer weather.

The signs, usually yellow and including reflectors, stand in over 30 crosswalks across the city mostly around schools. They are put over to the side of the road during severe snow storms, but are never removed from the crosswalks in front of and surrounding Somerville schools. There has been growing concern over the state of the signs which has prompted DPW Commissioner Koty to review their condition and possibly reface the signs as they are getting worn down from weather.

The signs (similar to the picture), cost $300 a piece making the need to just reface them or buy blank signs and re-adhere the necessary signage in house the most cost effective approach for the city.

To keep an appropriate tally of the signs, a request has been made by the Committee for a "location map" to be submitted in an effort to replace signs in specific locations that have been damaged beyond repair or stolen.

If you see one of these signs on the side of the road or severely damaged, please call 311! These signs keep, not only our school children, but everyone safe!

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