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Monday, April 26, 2010

Arts At The Armory Approved For Beer & Wine License!

Despite verbal and written opposition by neighbors, the License Commission approved a transfer of a beer & wine license (donated) by Dali to the Arts at the Armory located at 191 Highland Avenue in Ward 5 on April 26th.

This decision comes just in time as the arts-focused establishment neared its maximum amount of “special” permits to serve the above named type of alcoholic beverages at events. Please note that hard liquor is not included in both the “special” permits nor in the permanent license that The Armory was awarded.

Although their presentation and visibility paled in comparison to the support of the Armory, neighbors and abutters to the building presented valid concerns that are clearly jeopardizing their quality of life. Citing noise up to two hours after an event and severe lack of parking, the opposing side described their experience as horrendous and a reason to move out of the city. The common consensus was that, although they value the arts, they question whether the inclusion of alcohol was really necessary. Representatives and supporters noted that the inclusion was to stabilize and maintain money flow for the establishment and financially support different causes within the city.

The task now at hand for The Armory is resolving both of these issues that seem to be mainly associated with their music events. A recent submission by Alderman Sean O'Donovan to the Board of Alderman requesting increased police patrols and enforcement of parking violations, as well as a pending noise study report should point the Armory in the right direction of putting both of these problems to rest.


blogreader said...

is Dali closing?!?


Courtney said...

Dali is not closing! Dali received an extended license and had no need for their B&W license. They generously donated it to the Arts at the Armory when they could have sold it for up to $50,000.