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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Planning Board To Discuss Max Pac Modifications

The abutters to the Max Pac development were the first to hear about modifications being requested on the first section of the Max Pac site. This section will feature 15 townhomes that GFC Development, Inc. (the construction company partnering with KSS Realty Partners to construct the homes), would like to add basements to. In an effort to market the homes properly, GFC President & CEO Charles Aggouras, wants to give the townhomes a basement for storage, especially for bicycles considering this project would guarantee the extension of the Community Path from Cedar Street to Lowell Street in accordance to the agreed covenant.

If all goes as planned for both KSS and GFC, construction could begin as soon as 30 days from tomorrow and would need to adhere to, not only the covenant, but to all Somerville noise ordinances. Meaning, construction can happen Monday through Saturday from 7am to dusk.

The entirety of the Max Pac site will be sectioned into 6 subdivisions. Five of the subdivisions will be developed with either townhomes or condominiums leaving the sixth as open space. Each developed subdivision will be financed from the sale of the previously built complex. KSS Realty Partners has brought in a third party financier to get the initial development off the ground.

Governing the entirety of the 5 complexes will be one executive Master Housing Association that will include a representative from KSS. Each complex will have their own association, however, the Master Association will handle Max Pac (as a whole), city, and neighborhood concerns.

You can find more information, including documents surrounding Max Pac on our Max Pac page. Please note that documents will be added as they become available.

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