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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ask Courtney!

After being stopped on the street, approached at Olde Magoun's Saloon, and pulled aside at Committee meetings, I finally realized that a lot of people have no idea who I am or why I started this website...until now!

For the next week, I will be collecting questions from you, my readers, that will be answered here on Ward5Online.Com!

Is there something you want to know? Email me at CKSOKeefe@Hotmail.Com or comment on this posting, and read the answer on June 17th, 2010! Please note that you have the choice of having your name & website included or remaining anonymous.

I look forward to answering your questions!

~Courtney O'Keefe


Stuart Goldman said...

Here's a question: is that new speed indicator in front of Trum Field just a random-number generator? I was at the red light in front of the 7-Eleven last evening and there was NO moving traffic either way (at least nearby) and the sign said 9 mph, then 31, then 17. Makes me wonder where it's aimed, and if it's even accurate.

Blog Reader said...

What are the negatives having a website like this?