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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Agenda For August 26th Board Of Alderman Meeting

The agenda for tomorrow's Board of Alderman meeting has been posted. You can access this via the calendar list/City Meeting Portal on the left side of the website. Below, you can find orders submitted by Ward 5 Alderman Sean O'Donovan, as well as other agenda items that would be of interest to Ward 5 residents.

The following items have been submitted by Ward 5 Alderman Sean O'Donovan:
3. Citation By Ald. O’Donovan and the Entire Board: Commending Anna Lynch on the happy occasion of her 97th Birthday.

43. Officer’s Communication: Fire Chief Responding to #189914 re: a fire at 111 Glenwood Rd.

New Business:
50. License/Permit Public Event Permit, Henderson St. Block Party, Henderson St. from Richardson St. to Wilton St., Sep 11, 12-7:30PM.

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