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Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm Around 2 years early!

On August 25th, the Committee on Public Works and Utilities (chaired by Ward 5 Alderman, Sean O'Donovan) will focus on double utility poles (Item #189019: That the Commissioner of Public Works Attend the Next Public Utilities and Public Works Subcommittee to Discuss Any and All Business, Especially the Issue of Double Poles).

1 year and 1 month before I started this website, I focused on double poles, literally, through the lense of my camera, in my Magoun Square neighborhood. I took this picture in October of 2008, never knowing that it would be the topic of conversation almost two years later.

Isn't my tree pretty?

Details of the meeting are as follows:
Wednesday August 25, 2010,
6:00 PM
Committee Room – 2nd Floor – City Hall
93 Highland Avenue

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