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Friday, August 20, 2010

Magoun Square Schedule Updated!

Magoun Square Cross Walk Construction Work
Dates: Monday, August 23-Friday, August, 27th
Work Hours: 7:00 am-4:00 pm

Monday 8/23/10- Tuesday 8/24/10
East side of Partridge Ave. at Medford St.
East side of Norwood Ave. at Medford St.
Municipal (CVS) Parking Lot at Broadway

Tuesday 8/24/10-Wednesday 8/25/10
West side of Lowell Street at Medford St.
Dexter Street at Broadway
West side of Charles Ryan Road at Broadway

Wednesday 8/25/10-Thursday 8/26/10
West side of Hinkley Street at Broadway
Medford Street in Medford at Broadway

Thursday 8/26/10-Friday 8/27/10
West side of Trull Street at Medford St.

Please Note...

• NO PARKING SIGNS will be marked and enforced in each construction area

• All streets listed above will be OPEN TO ABUTTERS ONLY. One way streets will be posted for “TWO WAY TRAFFIC”

• While working in the Municipal (CVS) Parking lot the parking lot will be “CLOSED” on Broadway but will be “OPEN” to “Two Way Traffic” on Medford Street with a Police detail.

• Please obey all Detours, No Parking Signs, Posted Signs and Message Boards

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