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Friday, September 3, 2010

Agenda For September 7th Board Of Alderman Meeting Published

Please note that the agenda for the Board of Alderman meeting has been posted on the City's Meeting portal for the September 7, 2010, 7:00 PM Meeting in the Aldermanic Chambers.

I am interested in the following orders...

6. Communication By Ald. O’Donovan:
The Committee on Public Utilities and Public Works will meet Wednesday, September 8, at 7 PM, in the Aldermen’s Chambers, to Discuss the Recent Power Outages. Representatives from NSTAR, the State, Somerville’s State Delegation, and City Officials Have Been Asked to Participate. This Meeting is Open to the Public.

8. Order By Ald. White Jr.:
That the Clerk of Committees Send a Communication to the Owner of the Armory and to Arts at the Armory, that They Send to This Board the Consultant's Armory
Noise Report before the Next Meeting of the Committee on Public Health and Public Safety,Scheduled for September 20 at 6 PM, and that Representatives of the Armory Appear at that Meeting.

18. Order By Ald. Taylor
That the Director of Traffic and Parking Consider Establishing a 90 Day Residential Parking Permit for Designated Areas Within the City.

24. Order By Ald. Heuston
That the City Solicitor Draft an Ordinance to Regulate and Require Permits for Paving on Residential and Commercial Properties.

*27. Order By Ald. Heuston
That the Director of Finance Provide This Board with Information Regarding Monthly and Quarterly Variance Reports by Department, or the Method by Which Actual Departmental Expenses Are Reconciled to the Budget on a Regular Basis.

33. Mayor’s Request
Requesting the acceptance of a $490,000 Transit Oriented Development Grant from Mass DOT for the MaxPak site.

*I would personally like to thank Alderman Heuston for submitting this as my previous opinion piece refers to this order.

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