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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Local Musicians & Performers will amaze @ Harvest Fest 2010

SOMERVILLE (September 21st, 2010)—Buzz is building for Harvest Fest 2010. And with the much-anticipated entertainment schedule ready to compliment some of the region’s best craft brew, wine and food, Harvest Fest 2010 attendees will experience a party like few others.

Somerville Local First Community Reporter, Clay Adamczyk says in a recent blog post:

With the nature of the festival, experiencing what may be new to us is what’s fun, and with the musical entertainment, we’ll get a full dose.

Session 1 “Somerville Rocks” will start with a performance from Harvest Fest 2009 performer, One Fine Morning. With their own blend of acoustic based rock, One Fine Morning will set the stage for headliners, and Precinct mainstays, the SEA MONSTERS.

Informal leader Christian McNeill says:

“[SEA MONSTERS] is more of a “collective” than a band.” It’s a musical endeavor in which friends come in and out of bringing in their own styles and ideas so much so that he could not as of yet confirm who the group would be comprised of for this performance, and is seen as a side-project “that is (supposed to be) a vehicle where we can all get together and have fun doing what we love”

Session 2 “Local Is The Future” will start off with a DJ performance from local renaissance man David Day, Editor of Boston’s Weekly Dig, Co-Founder of the Together music festival, and Co-Producer of Speaking in Code, an award winning documentary. Following Day will be a fashion performance featuring SLF Members poor little rich girl and Artifaktori and managed by local fashionista Ariana Paoletti (aka Deconize & DJ Volvox of Basstown Productions).

But the apex of the Harvest Fest entertainment schedule will be the headlining performance of The Zebbler Encanti Experience. This cutting edge electronic music/visual collaboration will be joined by SLF Member AirCraft Aerial Arts to produce a performance for the ages. With 3 screens of video and a choreographed ‘Local Cirque du Soleil’ acrobatics performance on silks and rings flanking the stage, Harvest Fest 2010 may be breaking new ground…locally of course.

Harvest Fest 2010 is an annual fundraiser and festival sponsored by Somerville Local First, a nonprofit network working to build sustainable local economies. Harvest Fest 2010 will be held in two sessions on Saturday October 9th, 2010 at Arts @ The Armory.

Harvest Fest 2010 – Not Your Mama’s Nonprofit Gala


Somerville Local First is a network of 200 locally owned and independent businesses, community based nonprofits, and artists working to build a sustainable community and an economy that is local, green and fair.

SEA MONSTERS are a rotating cast of about twenty musicians, ‘a healthy spirit of improvisation in everything that [they] do,’ and a range of musical style from jazz to blues to rock where every performance is unique.

The Zebbler Encanti Experience (ZEE) is a live audio/video performance act based in Boston, MA. According to Laurence Hall of Science (Berkeley, CA), Zebbler Encanti Experience "push the boundaries of immersive performance with their multimedia audio and visual work". For the Harvest Fest 2010, Zebbler Encanti Experience will perform their work in custom high definition resolution, spanning live video projections across three screens, with synchronized original dance music.

AirCraft Aerial Arts is Greater Boston’s home for the study and practice of circus aerial arts. Opened in January, 2010, AirCraft offers instruction to beginning and experienced practitioners on aerial silks, corde lisse, lyra/hoop, and static trapeze.

The performance will feature AirCraft’s founder, Jill Maio, and aerialist colleagues Teresa Kochis of Overhead Arts, Marci Diamond, Mary Langlois, Julia Jerome, Rachel Stewart of Esh Aerial Arts, and Liz Manicatide & Phil Servita of Aerialchemy.

Sponsored by: DownTown wine & spirits, Foundry on Elm, and The Second Glass!

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