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Monday, October 4, 2010

Chicken Run In Magoun Square!

We have some interesting new neighbors in the Magoun Square section of Ward 5 that I was able to photograph over the weekend! Neighbors on the same street have three chickens in a coop and take turns cleaning and caring for them. Another neighbor has their own coop (also with three) that produces 18 eggs a week. I got to keep two of them from that day's gathering!
Clearly, this one loves to get her picture taken!   
Here are two of three that are in the same coop together.
Here are three from another coop on the same street.
I got to keep these!
 Are you interested in having your own coop? I found this website that gives good advice and answers a lot of questions.


Barbara said...

I love my new neighbors!! The Rhode Island Red pictured, more affectionately known as Rhoda, is the friendliest of them all. Sometimes I bring her to my yard, five houses down, to help me with the yard work. Chickens love eating little pests that live in the soil.

Two more great links:

Courtney said...

Cool! Thanks so much, Barbara!