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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Magoun Square Gets Trees!

With huge apologies to my Ward 5 green thumbs, I don't know what kind they are, but am very happy to annouce that Magoun Square got some trees today appeasing the minds of some environmental conscious residents!

If you know what kind of trees they are, please feel free to comment on this posting. The installer did not know and the landscaper was not present for me to ask.


Todd H. said...

I liked the trees that were there - the trees that were there until this Spring, when they were cut down. Now, they are planting new trees in what appears to be the same spots.

Why were the original trees cut down?

Courtney said...

The original trees were removed to make sidewalk construction easier as the trees would have been an obstacle for workers.

Jenn Keizer Roth said...

they may be pear trees. they are very common around this area. and are quite pretty in the spring.

KelseyRoth said...

I agree with Jennifer. Usually they plant pear trees since they are highly resistant to disease. I'm no botanist so I'm not 100% sure.