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Friday, October 1, 2010

Transcript From September DIF Meeting Released

October 6th will mark the next opportunity residents will have to comment on the proposed DIF program submitted to the Board of Alderman by the Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development. Before going to the meeting, read what residents had to say after the initial public introduction of this vast financial program.


Unknown said...

Thanks so much, Courtney, for posting this! I'm going to ask Monica Lamboy to start a list of people interested in the DIF, who should be notified by e-mail of every meeting/hearing/information session relating to the Union Square DIF. I'm sure that she, being supportive of transparent government, would be happy to create such a list.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much, Courtney, for posting this material. I just e-mailed Monica Lamboy to ask her to create a list-serve to inform concerned citizens about meetings/hearing on the DIF. I'm sure she would be happy to have us all on a list!