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Friday, November 19, 2010

Albion Park to Get Directed Patrols

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After numerous complaints from residents, Alderman Sean O’Donovan submitted orders through the Board of Alderman that surround recent hypodermic needle findings at Albion Park. This issue was taken up by the Committee on Public Health and Public Safety chaired by Alderman-At-Large, Bill White.

As of last night’s meeting, a total of 5 needles have been confiscated by the Somerville Police Department according to acting Chief Michael Cabral despite being cleaned every morning, Monday through Friday, by the DPW.

In an effort to stop the needle findings, Chief Cabral would like to target the source and encourages all residents to call the Somerville Police Department if they witness suspicious activity after noting that no phone calls were on the record around the time of the needle findings.

In the meantime, the Somerville Police Department will increase directed patrols to Albion and, if necessary, have plain-clothes officers surveillance the area.

If a needle is located, residents are to call the Somerville Police Department as cruisers have now been fitted with proper disposal bins. Currently, the DPW is required to call the Health Department (as part of Inspection Services) for needle removal, however, this could change now that SPD has disposal kiosks in the lobby of the Department and bins in cruisers. No official change has been made as of yet.

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