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Friday, November 19, 2010

Committee On Public Health and Public Safey Focus On Community Path

Map includes proposed path extension. Courtesy of Friends of the Community Path.

A recent report of a robbery on the Willow Avenue end of the Community Path prompted both the Ward 6 and Ward 5 Alderman to sponsore an order requesting extra security especially after dark along the popular route that bridges both wards.

One of the biggest concerns surrounds lighting along the path, however, that will be changing as old bulbs burn out. Thanks to a new city standard, all *new* utility poles, as well as the light poles on the community path, will have to feature LED bulbs. The existing bulbs that illunminate the path are not LED, but once they burn out, they will be replaced with brighter LED lights. LED lights will illuminate more area which will both help visibility and assist the existing cameras that are in place to record any illegal activity.

Although directed patrols are in place along the path for the continuing issues with off-leash dogs from 5-8pm, overnight patrols will be implemented to heighten security.

An order requesting additional light fixtures will be submitted through the Board of Alderman for consideration on next year's budget as no funds are available to add this immediately.

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