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Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 6th: Construction Starts On Craigie Street Drawbridge

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 The following information is courtesy of MassDOT

The Craigie Dam and Craigie Drawbridge carry McGrath O’Brien Highway (Route 28) between Land Blvd. in Cambridge and Leverett Circle in Boston. As part of the $3 billion Patrick – Murray Accelerated Bridge Program, a construction contract was awarded to J. F. White of Framingham in June 2009 for the structural rehabilitation of the Dam Bridge and the complete replacement of the Drawbridge.

 Purpose and Goals
Craigie Drawbridge Project
The Craigie Drawbridge is a Twin Double-Leaf Bascule Bridge was originally constructed in 1910 and replaced in 1962. This project includes the complete replacement of the bridge superstructure and bridge deck as well as the machinery and electrical components. During construction temporary bridge structures will be utilized to carry traffic.

 Drawbridge Replacement Phases
Starting November 6, 2010 through April 2011, the contractor will start a 24/7 rapid replacement of the Craigie Drawbridge as required by Unites States Coast Guard permit. The replacement will occur in 3 Phases:
  1. Contractor will install temporary bridges over the existing bridge
  2. Contractor will demolish the existing bridge and make repairs to the bridge substructure
  3. Contractor will install a new pre-fabricated bridge

Vehicular Detours
Effective November 6, 2010, MassDOT will close all inbound travel lanes on Route 28 southbound at the intersection of Land Boulevard for approximately one month as part of the Craigie Drawbridge Rehabilitation Project Phase I. The Craigie Drawbridge carries McGrath O’Brien Highway (Route 28) between Land Blvd. in Cambridge and Leverett Circle in Boston.

Traffic trying to access I-93 and Storrow Drive will be detoured east over the Gilmore (Prison Point) Bridge towards Bunker Hill Community College/City Square. Traffic heading to I-93 Northbound will be directed left through Sullivan Square, while traffic trying to access I-93 Southbound and Route 1 via the Tobin Bridge will be directed to turn right. Traffic traveling to the Charles Circle Area will be detoured westbound down Land Boulevard to the Longfellow Bridge to cross the Charles River. Outbound traffic leaving Boston through Leverett Circle will be unaffected during this period. (see attached detour map)

Access to the Museum of Science will not be restricted but patrons are advised to approach the Museum from Boston to avoid anticipated traffic congestion on the Cambridge side of the project.

 Bicycle and Pedestrian Access during Construction
Full bike and pedestrian access in each direction will be maintained during construction. During Phase I of the drawbridge replacement, only one side of the bridge will be opened and must be shared by inbound and outbound bicycle and pedestrian traffic. A manned and signalized crossing area will be placed at the mid-point of the roadway at the Museum of Science during these phases.

 Please note that the traffic backup affects all of Somerville. Contact your alderman if you begin to see traffic issues in your neigborhood.

Utilize live camera views to best plan your route.

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