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Friday, November 5, 2010

Press Release From MassDOT Regarding Drawbridge Work

You may have noticed that I consistently post updates regarding the Green line extension field work. I do this because I asked to be added to the email list, so I can bring you the latest information. I have done the same thing with MassDOT regarding the Craigie Drawbridge Rehabilitation Project. I apologize if it's a repeat of my earlier posting, but I received a press release today and wanted you to have the latest information from the most reliable source.~Courtney O'Keefe

Here is the most recent (today) press release:

Craigie Drawbridge Rehabilitation Project Closures
All inbound travel lanes on Route 28 southbound
to close at the intersection of Land Boulevard starting Nov. 6th

Effective November 6, 2010, MassDOT will close all inbound travel lanes on Route 28 southbound at the intersection of Land Boulevard as part of the Craigie Drawbridge Rehabilitation Project Phase I. The Craigie Drawbridge carries McGrath O’Brien Highway (Route 28) between Land Blvd. in Cambridge and Leverett Circle in Boston.

Traffic trying to access I-93 and Storrow Drive will be detoured east over the Gilmore (Prison Point) Bridge towards Bunker Hill Community College/City Square. Traffic heading to I-93 Northbound will be directed left through Sullivan Square, while traffic trying to access I-93 Southbound and Route 1 via the Tobin Bridge will be directed to turn right. Traffic traveling to the Charles Circle Area will be detoured westbound down Land Boulevard to the Longfellow Bridge to cross the Charles River. Outbound traffic leaving Boston through Leverett Circle will be unaffected during this period. (see attached detour map) For more information on the Craigie Drawbridge Rehabilitation project, please see
Access to the Museum of Science will not be restricted but patrons are advised to approach the Museum from Boston to avoid anticipated traffic congestion on the Cambridge side of the project.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Access during Construction
Full bike and pedestrian access in each direction will be maintained during construction. During Phase I of the drawbridge replacement, only one side of the bridge will be opened and must be shared by inbound and outbound bicycle and pedestrian traffic. A manned and signalized crossing area will be placed at the mid-point of the roadway at the Museum of Science during these phases.

Charles River Channel
As a result of the construction activities, the Charles River Channel will be closed to all marine traffic beginning at 12 AM on November 1, 2010 and will reopen no later than April 27, 2011.

MBTA Public Transportation Options
MassDOT encourages auto commuters to consider taking advantage of alternative transportation opportunities to avoid traffic and increased commuting times. For additional information on alternative commuter options please see or contact the MBTA Customer Support Services Center at (617) 222-3200 or TTY (617) 222-5146. Customer Service representatives are available Monday-Friday 6:30 AM - 8:00 PM and Saturday-Sunday from 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM.

For transportation news and updates visit the MassDOT website at, the MassDOT blog at or follow MassDOT on twitter at For more information on the Craigie Drawbridge Rehabilitation project, please see


Dexter said...

I left a comment about you on Somerville Voices. I hope you don't mind. You have a great website and I think you should run for office.


Courtney said...

Dexter-I hope it was a nice comment :) I will be sure to read it and thank you for the compliment! Tell Barry over at SV, I said hi.