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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Public Health and Public Safety Committee Meeting To Focus On Ward 5 Issues

The November 18th meeting of the Public Health and Public Safety Committee, chaired by Alderman At Large Bill White, will focus on Ward 5 issues submitted through the Board of Alderman by Sean O'Donovan.

Meeting Details are:
Time: 6pm
Location: Second floor Committee room/City Hall

The items are:
190309 : That the Chief of Police order a directed patrol of Albion Park and Albion Street to observe and prevent any illegal drug activity, specifically the use and discarding of hypodermic needles and syringes.

190310 : That the Commissioner of Public Works check Albion Park and Albion street each morning for discarded hypodermic needles and syringes as they have recently been found in and around the park.

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190370 : That the Director of Traffic and Parking appear before this Board’s Committee on Traffic and Parking regarding vehicles exiting from Clyde Street onto Cedar Street.

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kellyanne said...

This was an issue when I was living on Albion Street from 2000-2005'ish. I always believed that it was someone in the neighborhood shooting up. This was never an issue in other Somerville parks from what I know. 10 years in a row is not just a random person or event - to say the least. I walk the bike path from Cameron to Davis Sq Station a few times per week with the fam and the cameras that are set up along the way are brilliant. I know that finances are tight for the city but if more become available for CCTV Albion Park would be worth consideration. Keep up the great work Courtney! : )

lyndah said...

Where and when is this meeting being held?

Courtney said...


I included the meeting details for you. The word 'meeting' is also linked if you would like to see the full agenda.