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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Committee On Public Health & Public Safety/Traffic and Parking Continue Research And Discussions Surrounding Crossing On South Side of Lowell Street Bridge.

Both the Committee on Public Health and Public Safety, as well as the Traffic and Parking Department are still mulling over how to make crossing on the South Side of the Lowell Street bridge safer for pedestrians.

Read concerns and see signage surrounding this area.

In between the last post and the meeting, a new sign has been placed warning drivers about elderly crossing ahead. This did little to apease neighbors as they feel a fully painted crosswalk would be better. According to the traffic engineer, though, there is not enough space in between the bridge and the desired located of the painted crosswalk (at the VNA). 

As of right now, Traffic and Parking is pricing out a flashing speed reader, usually found around school zones, that would alert drivers to how fast they are going. Please note that this item is remaining in committee.

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