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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Notice: Cedar To Lowell Street Path Extension Is Not Open To The Public!

Site of future Community Path extension-view from Lowell Street. Max Pac is to the right.
If the residents of Princeton Street didn't know any better, they would think that the extension of the Community Path from Cedar to Lowell Streets is already open. Luckily, they read my website and know that this is definitely not the case. However, it seems that some dog owners and walkers don't realize (or care) that this section of the path is closed to public use...much to the dismay of abutters. With recent snow fall, the activity in this section has subsided slightly, but summertime proves difficult with dog walkers and couch burners.

So, note that this section of the Community Path is not open to public use and is the target for directed patrols by the Somerville Police Department. If you notice any activity in this area, please do not hesitate to contact the police and be sure to snap some pictures for Ward 5 Online!


Todd H. said...

At one point, there was a 3'x3' "NO TRESPASSING" sign posted on the gate at Cedar and where the Community Path currently ends. This sign has disappeared, as have the dozen or so posted signs that were in this vicinity.

Other than at the Clyde St. construction entrance, there is no longer any signage telling people to stay out.

Is there any plan to replace these signs?

Ron Newman said...

I don't see any harm from people walking there ... but it's not very useful yet since there's no way up to Lowell Street. Just a dead end for now.

Anonymous said...

@Ron: Of course you don't see any problem because either you don't abut the area or you're not paying attention. People can indeed access Lowell Street and they do it daily. So much for your "dead end". Also, the area has become a defacto off-leash dog park where self-entitled dog owners let their animals run free and don't clean up after them.

But there's no problem. For you.

Teddy S.

Ron Newman said...

There used to be a steep dirt trail climbing upward to a 'gate' on the west side of the old Lowell Street bridge, but that hasn't been usable since the old bridge was torn down and replaced with the current one. Without that trail, I don't see how you can get to Lowell Street from the old railroad right-of-way,

Teddy S. said...

I'll not debate this with you, Ron. I see people and dogs on the path every day and I live less than 200 feet from the area. There is also a fair amount of foot traffic that goes from the path, past the chain link "dead end" you previously referred to, under the bridge, to the VNA property and then onto Lowell Street.