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Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Board of Alderman Committee Appointments Made

Board of Alderman circa 2008

STANDING COMMITTEES (First name=chairperson):
Confirmation of Appointments: Bruce Desmond, Robert Trane, William Roche, Thomas Taylor, Walter Pero
Finance: Maryann Heuston, William White, John Connolly, Rebekah Gewirtz, Thomas Taylor
Housing and Community Development: Sean O’Donovan, Dennis Sullivan, Rebekah Gewirtz
Information Technology: Bruce Desmond, William Roche, Rebekah Gewirtz
Land Use: William White, Thomas Taylor, Sean O’Donovan,
Legislative Matters: Thomas Taylor, William White, Bruce Desmond, John Connolly, Rebekah Gewirtz
Licenses and Permits: Dennis Sullivan, Robert Trane, Maryann Heuston
Public Health and Public Safety: William White, John Connolly, Walter Pero
Public Utilities and Public Works: Sean O’Donovan, John Connolly, Robert Trane
Senior Services: Dennis Sullivan, William White, William Roche
Traffic and Parking: William Roche, Robert Trane, Walter Pero
Veterans and Public Services: Walter Pero, William Roche, John Connolly
Youth Services: John Connolly, Dennis Sullivan, Bruce Desmond

Environment and Energy: Robert Trane, Sean O’Donovan, Rebekah Gewirtz
Flood Forum Committee: Maryann Heuston, Bruce Desmond, William Roche, William White
Parks and Open Space: Maryann Heuston, William White, Walter Pero
Rules: Robert Trane, Dennis Sullivan, Walter Pero

Affordable Housing Trust:
MultiCultural Affiars:
Traffic: William Roche

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