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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Curtatone Announces...

Lt. Governor Tim Murray with Mayor Joe Curtatone
Mayor Joe Curtatone has announced that he will seek re-election in November. Does this change your opinion about the political landscape in Somerville?

In a previous post, many theories were revealed, but the biggest question surrounded the Mayoral Office. Now that we received confirmation that he intends to have his name on the ballot, what are your thoughts? Possible opponents?

Feel free to coment here on on the previous post!


James1 said...

Hearing that Sean Fitzgerald also considering running At Large. Who else is? Courtney, any theories?

Courtney said...

I know of one other At-Large candidate, but will not say a name until they formally announce their candidacy.

I have also heard rumors of Michael Capuano, Jr. running. Please check out the linked 'previous post' mentioned above for others' comments.

Anonymous said...

What are these newcomers chances? Didn't the aldermen run as a slate last time?