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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Legislative Matters To Discuss Max Pac Petition At January 25th Meeting

Please note that this is a change to a previous post...

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On January 25th, The Legislative Matters Committee will discuss item #190730, (51 Registered Voters submitting a petition for a public hearing on KSS Realty Partners and the use of union labor at the MaxPac site) after the petition was submitted into the Board of Alderman at last night's regularly scheduled meeting where it was then recommended into committee.

Local activists and organizations have been pushing KSS Realty and Gate Ventures to enter into a Project Labor Agreement assuring that work done on the Max Pac site will be done by Union and/or local labor. Both KSS and Gate Ventures, currently in discussions with the Massachusetts Building Trades Council and the Carpenters Union, have already refused to enter into a PLA and plan on proceeding with construction in the Spring with a recently approved set of changes to their original building plans.

As of the early January Planning Board Approval, KSS has not hired a General Contractor, but said (at the Planning Board Meeting) that they are fielding bids from both Union and Non-Union shops.

Max Pac is an 184 Unit apartment complex slated to be built at 56-61 Clyde Street. The project will begin with an entrance ramp located at Lowell Street funded by a $490,000 grant.

The Meeting Details Are:
Second Floor Committee Room-City Hall-93 Highland Avenue
1/25/2011 7:00 PM

**Please note that a date for a full hearing will be made at this meeting**

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