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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Somerville Local First Local Launches Local Luminary Program!

Residents, Business Owners, Community Organizers and More to Light Path for Local Economy in 2011!

SOMERVILLE, January 5th - Today, Somerville Local First publicly announced the Somerville Local Luminary program. The program, designed to further connect advocates, organizers, residents and followers, will accelerate the growing movement to build sustainable communities and economies that are local, green and fair.

The Local Luminary program was announced as the culmination of the SLF Year in Review blog series last week. Throughout the year, Luminaries will engage with SLF staff, board, business owners and advocates, creating a deeper understanding of the hope and potential of a local shift in our economy.

Joe Grafton, Executive Director of Somerville Local First says, "As Luminaries amplify our message and participate in dialogue with SLF, we can further be sure that the authentic Local Movement can and will happen. Luminaries will feel more closely connected to our work, our organization and the movement. Together, we will take the next key step in the rapidly expanding local movement"

The Local Luminary program is private but open for enrollment. Interested parties can sign up by contacting SLF.

Click here to learn more about Somerville Local First and the rapidly accelerating Local Movement.

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