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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Educational Programs and Instruction Subcommittee To Discuss "Data Walls"

The second item on tonight's Educational Programs and Instruction Subcommittee meeting has caused quite a stir on numerous blogs as it surrounds the displaying of student standardized test scores in schools on "data walls."

Under the direction of Superintendent Tony Pierantozzi and other school officials, teachers began posting students' Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) scores on the walls outside their classrooms last year. This has gotten different reactions from parents and activists...some of which you can read through the Yahoo Group website of Somerville-4-Schools.

Meeting Details
Educational Programs and Instruction Subcommittee Meeting
February 8th, 2011 at 7pm
Central Office Conference Room: 42 Cross Street

1. English Language Learner Program in Somerville: Program Update
2. Data Displays and student achievement
3. Volunteer Program Update
4. Informational Items: afterschool program update, bullying prevention plan, social competency program report
5. In-Service course approval

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