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Friday, February 25, 2011

What Would Your Ideal Government Body Look Like?

With election time roughly 9 months away, voters have an opportunity to unseat one or all of the elected officials in this picture.

This prompts my newest question: What would your ideal government body look like? You can choose all positions, regardless of ward. Either comment your vision or email me at All ideas will be used in another posting.

Ward 1 Alderman:
Ward 2 Alderman:
Ward 3 Alderman:
Ward 4 Alderman:
Ward 5 Alderman:
Ward 6 Alderman:
Ward 7 Alderman:
Alderman At Large 1:
Alderman At Large 2:
Alderman At Large 3:
Alderman At Large 4:

School Committee Rep for Ward 1:
School Committee Rep for Ward 2:
School Committee Rep for Ward 3:
School Committee Rep for Ward 4:
School Committee Rep for Ward 5:
School Committee Rep for Ward 6:
School Committee Rep for Ward 7:


Anonymous said...

Mayor: Abolish mayor. Go to city manager. Hire the person using a committee and community input but no more politics. Many big cities, including Cambridge, have managers and their cities are run well
Ward 1Alderman: NOT Bill Roche - I think someone who represents a majority of that Ward, perhaps a person of Latin American/South American origin
Ward 2 Alderman: Maryann is ok. I don't know enough about the Ward constituents to pick someone else.
Ward 3 Alderman: Same with White.
Ward 4 Alderman: Lafuente would be a good new alderman for Ward 4. Pero should go.
Ward 5 Alderman: In a perfect world, Courtney O'K all day long. In any event, Sean should go.
Ward 6 Alderman: I have been extremely disappointed with Rebekah as of late. Jack doesn't deserve the Ward either. Someone new, probably Progressive to replace Rebekah to continue to give BOA some Progressive representation.
Ward 7 Alderman: Joan Puglia. Her grandfather, father and husband have all served on the BOA but she's also worked at Tufts. She's good people and has a good sense of Ward 7's constituent base.
Alderman At Large 1: Bruce Desmond isn't a bad guy. He can keep his job, at least through the next election.
Alderman At Large 2: Joe Lynch
Alderman At Large 3: Matt McLaughlin
Alderman At Large 4: Undecided...

Anonymous said...

A quick assessment of Mayor/BOA and then weigh the likely winners.

Mayor: Curtatone seems to be doing a fine job so far. A few things that I'd like to see changed, but not enough to vote him out. No strong challengers. ADV: Curtatone.

Wd1: Roche is fine. Just because many residents of the ward are minority doesn't mean there SHOULD be a non-white alderman representing them "just because". The last minority on the BOA was Kevin Tarpley from Wd2. Minority status does not inherently mean "good" it simply means "minority". ADV: Roche.

Wd2: I love Heuston. She's great for the Ward. ADV: Heuston.

Wd3: Taylor. He's always present in the ward and speaks for his constituents and keeps them involved. ADV: Taylor.

Wd4: I think Pero can lose with the right opponent. He was wishy washy on Job Lot, the biggest issue in his ward this cycle. However, I feel LaFuente isn't in it for the Ward. He will just keep running for something until HE wins. The Steve Grossman of Somerville. ADV: Pero.

Wd5: ABS. Anyone but Sean. He's got his fingers in too many pies and makes the BOA look bad because of it. He also ran and lost badly for Probate, so it looks like he's not committed to BOA. Again - Courtney should run. ADV: O'Donovan unless a challenger comes along.

Wd6: Gewirtz represents the new Ward 6. Connolly was right to lose the ward. Since Gewirtz's appeal is really only to the "new Somerville" Wd6 is perfect for her. ADV: Gewirtz.

Wd7: Trane is a decent enough alderman but I honestly don't know enough of Ms. Puglia to make an assesment. I will take my predecessor commenter's opinions into account. I also take into account the Somerville News' spin that Capuano Jr. will not run for a Ward seat. So, ADV: Puglia.

At Large: Much harder. Each incumbent has stepped up in their own way, and raised questions as well. I don't know McLaughlin. Lynch couldn't even win Ward-wise. From W5O, Som News and elsewhere as to actual rumored candidates:

1. Sullivan. Consistently tops the ticket. But was rumored to want to get out and take the Sherrif job.

2. White. Ran and lost for Senate against Jehlen. Could be looking to get out. Still, seen as an effective alderman from what I see.

3. Desmond. Others seem more pleased with Desmond than I've seen myself. Barely eked out a victory against Steve Grossman. Er, LaFuente.

4. Connolly. I am honestly shocked that Connolly still holds office. His time has passed, and he only won At Large because of the weak field that cycle.

5. Capuano Jr. Still a very good name to have in the city (despite recent press about his father). Has had positive press from his role on the Zoning Board. Young and "new blood" without being "too new" but some will be put off by the "dynasty" aspect of another Capuano or if he is too brash like his dad.

6. Sean Fitzgerald. Dorothy Kelly Gay did not have long coat-tails and based on other comments seen in the Som News, possible perception that Fitzgerald is only in it for himself.

7. Suzanne Bremer. The Progressive choice in this election, but we all see how much that helped Martinez.

ADV: Sullivan, White, Desmond, Capuano.

Noah said...

Get rid of Curtatone...anyone but him. Bill White?

Put lafuente in ward 1 because of his ethnicity and upgrade rafal to Alderman to balance out gewirtz.

Get another ward 4 person for school committee and, courtney, you should run for school committee in ward 5.

Replace connolly with capuano jr and mayor white with fitzgerald.


Anonymous said...


Walter is out. What now in 4?

Anonymous said...

All hypothetical, but it is the rumor mill:

Aldermen races:

Ward 1 - Roche defeats possible minority challenger 70-30. Minimal GOTV efforts in minority community as seen with Morales in 2009.

Ward 2 - Heuston runs unopposed

Ward 3 - Taylor runs unopposed

Ward 4 - Christine Rafal upgrades, wins with 50%. LaFuente loses with 35%, Christine Barber loses with 15%.

Ward 5 - O'Donovan runs unopposed. Have heard Matt McLaughlin may run, but he is in school and is a spare-time activist. Link to harrassing unions at MaxPak hurts him too. If McL runs, O'Donovan defeats McL 55-45.

Ward 6 - Gewirtz runs unopposed.

Ward 7 - Trane 45%, Puglia 30%, 25%to possible PDS candidate

At Large - Sullivan's wife is having a baby, so may not run. Capuano is getting married, may not run. Cap Senio's mouth may hurt the son.

If Sullivan and Cap run, Sullivan tops the ticket. White in second. Cap in third. Desmond and Connolly in close for fourth. Fitzgerald and Bremer out.

Anonymous said...

I revise my comments on Ward 7. We have a declared PDS candidate. Katija Ballantine. 25%.

Anonymous said...

I'm posting this on all three too...

Who do you like in 4? Tough choice there as both candidates would do well.

Anonymous said...

We may not have White as his house is for sale (on MLS).

Who is it? Cap or Fitzy?

Anonymous said...

The primary isn't until October, and signatures aren't due until a few weeks before that. There is PLENTY of time for things to shake up.

I think if White doesn't run and if both Fitz and Cap run, goes to Cap. Bigger name recognition and more immediate relevance since he's on the ZBA now. Fitz left the employ of the city several years ago and went to work for a suburban Rep who doesn't touch Somerville.

Anonymous said...

I kinda agree. Fitz is still recognized within Somerville, but the Dorothy Kelly association may work against him.

There are weak Ald @ largers...thinking Connolly right now as Desmond has made some headway with his "Responsible Employer" submission to the BOA.