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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Board of Alderman To Vote On Whether Chief Pasquerello Gets New Vehicle

Finance Committee Meeting
After being kept in committee for a few meetings, item #190591: "Requesting an appropriation in the amount of twenty six thousand, seventy four dollars ($26,074.00) from the Capital Projects Stabilization Fund to purchase a 2011 Ford Taurus Sedan for the Police Department" will be voted on by the entire Board of Alderman after a split committee vote at last night's Finance meeting.

Both Alderman Heuston and Connolly voted in favor of the purchase, noting that a detective car is being used by the newly appointed Chief because of the absence of two detectives. Currently, there are 11 unmarked cars that are usually shared by 22 detectives. There is one car free, due to an injury and a promotion of one of the detectives. Once the logistics are cleared up in personell, that car will be assigned.

Alderman Tom Taylor (Ward 3) and Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz (Ward 6) voted against the appropriation, questioning why a brand-new car needed to be purchased and why he could not use a preexisting vehicle.

A motion was also made to have maintanance logs submitted to the Board on all Police vehicles for review on their mileage, wear and tear.


Anonymous said...

Politicians don't belong involved in policing. Always have their own agendas and egos in mind.

Anonymous said...

Another vechile for the city of Somerville Police Deptartment, another $1 out of tax payers pockets. How about fixing the roads?