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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rally & Picket Line Planned For MaxPac on Thursday 6-8am

Community organizations and union representatives will be holding a rally and picket line on
Thursday, March 3 from 6:00am - 8:00am at the Max Pac site (56-61 Clyde Street).
Rand Wilson writes, "Somerville residents and union members are seeking union jobs and a commitment to hire local people at the 199-unit MaxPac housing site between Clyde and Lowell streets. In recent weeks, we have had large crowds turn out at two planning board hearings and had dozens of people testify at a special hearing by the Board of Alderman on union jobs and local hiring. Support from the Board of Alderman has been strong!
However, the MaxPac developers are still refusing to live up to the commitment they made to the City of Somerville to sign a project labor agreement (PLA).

A PLA is the best way to make sure that Somerville residents are hired to do the work and that it is done safely and fairly.

Somerville can't afford to lose this opportunity to employ local trades people who desperately need jobs in our community. Make your voice heard and show your support for 100% union labor and an agreement to hire Somerville residents!"

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