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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Simply Stated: I Talked To The Mayor About Magoun Square Last Night

Note to self: let the Mayor know that I always attend meetings as an interested citizen and not as a member of the media.

I used part of my evening run last night to head down to Ball Square and attend the Mayor’s community hour he scheduled at True Grounds. About 15 residents came and spoke to him about everything from derelict properties to street sweeping to parking in Magoun Square ;)

My first order of business was to verify that he is open to having conversations about the parking situation in the square, especially considering that the meters are coming back in April. First stating that he’s “open to suggestions”, he then (of course) pumped the idea of “desired parking”-a concept brought up by recent parking studies in Davis Square. The study conducted in Magoun Square is considered pointless by business owners because it happened after the new parking regulations were put into effect, therefore, has no comparison to what the square was like before. “Desired parking” would price meters closer to popular venues higher while meters further away would be priced lower. At the rate the city is going, I can only imagine what those price points would be and until what time you would have to pay them.

We then discussed the trash situation on Lowell Street which, I hope, will be resolved soon. We have all had to deal with open barrels, rodent friends, and sidewalk ashtrays long enough and I, for one, am done with it. Joe even mentioned that they have no excuse as he does most of the cleaning in front of their buildings for them through street sweeping. I laughed a little at that one.

Continuing my effort to make him feel as uncomfortable as he looks when he speaks to me, I talked to him about businesses. I assured him that certain businesses are staying while others are seriously considering leaving and cited the importance of promised community meetings by OSPCD in lieu of the Green Line extension making its way to Lowell Street. We both agreed that the “fly by night” boutiques will not survive in an economy like this and that we need a solid breakfast place similar to the ones located in Ball Square.

We ended our conversation with a handshake and he thanked me for attending meetings at City Hall. I don’t need a thank you…I need consideration to be made for a square that I patronize, love and want to remain living near. Magoun Square is in dire need of a business and parking plan that promotes the beauty of our $3.1 million renovation. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Courtney - thank you for this! Thank you also for all that you do for Ward 5, Magoun Square (which I also love patronizing), and starting with the election coverage, the City as a whole.

I do wish someone would run against Curtatone who could win. "Desired parking??" That is ludicrous. It's code for "confuse the hell out of people so more people get parking tickets - and also harm the less-desirable businesses by identiyfing them as such."

Let's make Lower Broadway one lane, add bike lanes, reduce parking requirements, and pretend we live someplace other than a city where people own cars.