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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where the Locals Go: The Local First Coupon Book!

Have you picked up your Local First Coupon Book?

Somerville Local First writes, "The Somerville And Cambridge Local First Coupon Book is our latest collaboration with our Sister Network and a great way for you to both save money and support strong local economies.

The book includes over $1,000 in savings with a variety of amazing offers. From Groceries to Restaurants, Retail to Health & Wellness Where The Locals Go has you covered.

And by exploring and patronizing new local businesses and purchasing this book, you’re doing more than just adding a little wiggle room to your budget. You’ll be strengthening the local economy, helping to create new jobs AND supporting the work of Somerville Local First."

You can purchase YOUR copy of Where The Locals Go at the following Somerville Retail Locations.

Davis Square
Dave’s Fresh Pasta
Davis Squared

Union Square
Sherman Market
GRAND / poor little rich girl

Ball Square
Blue Cloud Gallery

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