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Thursday, April 21, 2011

City To Begin 90-day Trial of High-Tech Parking Meters In May

New Customer Service Station, Website, Online Appeals Add to Customer Service Improvements; 90-Day Trial of Wireless, Solar-Powered Parking Meters to Begin in May.

I have emailed Matt Dias, Director of Traffic and Parking, as to the locations of these meters. He is on vacation until the 25th. I will update the website once I receive this information.~Courtney O'Keefe

Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone and Acting Director of Traffic and Parking, Matthew Dias, announced that, as the latest phase in a customer service improvement plan, the City will begin a 90-day trial of credit card-enabled single space parking meters (SSPM) with California-based IPS Group, Inc., effective this spring. The new single-spaced meters will continue to allow customers to pay with coins, but will also accept credit cards for the first time. In communities nationwide, SSPMs have been proven to increase constituent satisfaction, particularly by eliminating the need to carry quarters. In addition to the meter pilot, recent customer service improvements include the installation of a new cashier window and customer service desk, as well as a new website with that includes the ability to appeal parking tickets online.

The 90-day meter trial includes the free installation of 40 new meters, which are retrofitted to existing meters, eliminating expensive labor and installation costs. The new meters have several advantages over existing meters: They are solar-powered, more reliable, and easier to maintain and repair on a long-term basis. The City will examine possibility for expanding SSPMs citywide at the completion of the trial period.

Below, are videos of three meter models that IPS features and how they are installed over existing parking meters:

Meter Model #795


Meter Model #147


Meter Model #132


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