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Friday, April 22, 2011

High-Tech Parking Meters To Start In Davis and Parts Of Union Square

The high-tech, credit card-enabled single space parking meters that the city has through California-based IPS Group, Inc will be installed in places where demand for spaces in Davis and parts of Union Square. The new single-spaced meters will continue to allow customers to pay with coins, but will also accept credit cards for the first time.

After speaking with some business owners in Magoun Square, the concern did not surround the way people pay for parking, but how much and how long they have to pay it. A 10pm lot time along with an 8pm street time will be vigorously opposed by business owners, patrons, and residents in the upcoming Committee on Housing and Community Development meeting chaired by Ward 5 Alderman, Sean O'Donovan that features parking issues on the agenda.

Currently, there is a draft version of a parking study that was conducted in Davis Square that features case studies, surveys, and recommendations. A more in-depth parking study will be presented to the Mayor and then publicized in May 2011.

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