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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Legislative Matters Committee To Meet on April 27th

Legislative Matters Committee

Committee Meeting
4/27/2011 7:00 PM
Agenda Items

The Legislative Matters Committee will be continuing conversations on important topics such as the  Responsible Employer Ordinance submitted by Alderman Bruce Desmond, the process to increase the number of beer and wine licenses (a topic Mayor Curtatone discussed at the recent Town Hall meeting sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce), recycling initiatives, and amplified sound system uses. Both the item itself and the City Solicitor's opinion will be discussed at this meeting. All interested citizens are invited to attend as the meeting is open.

The agenda is as follows:
· 189880: Discuss in Committee That the Environmental Programs Manager investigate creating a paper/plastic recycling initiative at fast food establishments.

· 190686: Discuss in Committee That the City Solicitor draft an ordinance requiring properties of a certain use and size, to obtain a permit before using an amplified sound system, and be soundproofed.

· 190758: Recommend That this Board amends Ordinance Section 2-355, aka The Responsible Employer Ordinance, as noted within.
· 190960: Discuss in Committee That the City Solicitor advise this Board on the process for increasing the number of Beer and Wine licenses in the city.

· 191029: Recommend Assistant City Solicitor providing an opinion re: #190578, proposed amendments to the Responsible Employer Ordinance.
· 191068: Discuss in Committee That the City Solicitor, the Chief of Police and the Director of SPCD (ISD) draft amendments to the noise ordinance to deal with organizations using enhanced sound systems in RA and RB districts and report back to the Committee on Legislative Matters at its April 26th meeting.

· 191235: Discuss in Committee Assistant City Solicitor responding to #190960 re: Increasing the number of beer and wine licenses.

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