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Thursday, April 14, 2011

September 13th or September 20th? That Is The Question...

Proving that election season is really heating up, the Board of Alderman will be given two calendars to choose from in tonight’s meeting that lay out key dates for candidates and incumbents, as well as the upcoming election dates.

With (roughly) a one week difference between calendar one and calendar two, the real question for the board to consider is when they want the preliminary date to be: September 13th or September 20th. Election Day is November 8th with Inaugural Day set for January 2, 2012.

5/23 or 5/31: Nomination papers shall be available for candidates
6/27 or 7/5: Last day to obtain nomination papers
6/29 or 7/7: Last day to submit nomination papers and statement of financial interest
7/13 or 7/20: Certification of nomination papers to be completed, filed by Board of Election Commissioners at 8:30am
7/14 or 7/21: Names and addresses of certified candidates to be posted by Board of Election Commissioners at 8:30am
7/15 or 7/22: Last day for filing withdrawals or protests with the Board of Election Commissioners by 5pm
7/18 or 7/25: Drawing for places on the ballot (if necessary)
8/24 or 8/31: Last day to register to vote or change address for 9/13 or 9/20 preliminary election by 8pm
9/6 or 9/12: Campaign finance report deadline for preliminary election
9/13 or 9/20: Preliminary Election

See calendar choices for remaining dates


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Courtney. but any reason this is not on the Election 2011 tab?

Courtney said...

Hi Anonymous,

The Board will be voting on which calendar to use. Once chosen, I will add it, in full detail, to the Election 2011 page.

Thank you,
Courtney O'Keefe