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Friday, April 22, 2011

Tax Liens $10K and Up Total Over $3 Million According To Published List

After members of the Board of Alderman requested a list of properties that were $10,000 or more behind in taxes, the City Treasurer has released an excel spreadsheet noting a grand total of $3,088,140.39 owed to Somerville (Somerville has taken ownership of some of the properties).

The request came out of a Committee on Public Health and Public Safety where numerous residents came together, originally, to discuss derelict properties located in both Ward 2 and Ward 5 that had become dangerous to live near as falling bricks and detatched siding fell on neighbors' property. A motion was originally made for a list of all back taxes owed, however, some alderman felt it best to make a monetary minimum out of respect for people struggling during tough economic times.

See listing in Board of Alderman agenda.

Below is the list of properties that currently owe more than $10K in taxes, according to the City Treasurer (Somerville has taken ownership of some of the properties):


Anonymous said...

I hope the City is aggressive on collection. I am sympathetic to people who going through tough financial times but if no effort is being made to repay the debt or if folks are simply not paying even though they have the means there is no excuse.

Anonymous said...

Its one thing to be late maybe a year but not paying for 6years or more. Need to have your house taken away or sell it.

Anonymous said...

181 Cedar Street - Spreadsheet lists it as "City Owns it"... that is Royal White Cleaners.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is. Royal White cleaners owes the city over $200K in back taxes. The city placed a lien and has now siezed the property. Royal White can continue operations if they pay the taxes.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Check out the map of this data. They are literally all over town.

Anonymous said...

I note that last week, Royal White moved their retail operations from the building with the parking lot (the subject of the tax lien) to the building across the street that physically houses their cleaning operations. Their credit card readers were down and they could not find clothes. Told me to come back later. Something tells me their days are numbered, at least as a walk in retail establishment.

Can the City bring the Dairy Queen back?