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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Would A Resident Incentive Make You Feel Better About Parking Meter Increases?

As a proud patron of Magoun Square businesses, I am constantly thinking of ways to ease the inconvenience of the increased time and payment amount of the parking meters. This has been made more intense since the loss of three unmetered spots alongside Olde Magoun's Saloon, in the heart of the square, which has already negatively impacted businesses.
In the coming weeks, the meters will be replaced along Medford Street and Broadway just in time for the popular summer boost that that square experiences. Their timing is impeccable!

So, today's question is: Would you feel better about the increase in meter feeding times and amounts if there was a 6pm resident only incentive? Meaning, non-residents would pay until 8pm (street) or 10pm (lot) while residents (with a permit parking sticker) would only pay until 6pm.

Please comment your thoughts or suggestions.


Anonymous said...

I see where you're going with this and my gut answer is yes. This doesn't help the larger problem which is that the meters are over-priced. This would encourage Somerville residents to stay local, though.

Ron Newman said...

Not sure why that would matter, since residents can avoid the meters entirely and park on side streets.

Anonymous said...

It might prompt some of the last few resident parking sticker hold-outs to get one if it gave them the option of two hours less or parking on the side streets.