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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Committee On Public Health and Public Safety To Be Updated By Armory Management...

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 The next Public Health and Public Safety Committee Meeting will pick up where the last one left off and discuss physical changes made the Armory building suggested by David Coate.

David Coate, of David Coate Consulting, made several recommendations to the Armory board of directors in an 8 page report that included adding ¼” laminated glass over existing glass and sealing off window edges to prevent air gaps with concrete grout to improve sound isolation. This report was presented to the Committee on September 20th. A follow-up meeting is scheduled for May 9th at 6:00pm in the second floor Committee Room of City Hall to discuss changes made, as well as, neighbor's concerns regarding noise from the Armory.

The agenda is as follows:
· 189248: Discuss in Committee That This Board’s Subcommittee on Public Health and Public Safety Invite the Owner(S) of the Armory Building to a Meeting to Discuss Their Inability to Contain Noise During Performances.

· 190149: Discuss in Committee That the Clerk of Committees send a communication to the owner of the Armory, requesting that he provide the committee with a timeline for completing the work to abate the noise emanating from the building.

· 191255: Discuss in Committee That the Chief Fire Engineer advise this Board of any changes to the allocation of fire apparatus due to the recent addition of the rescue truck.

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