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Monday, May 2, 2011

Finance Committee & Board of Alderman Continue DIF Discussions Tonight!

Finance Committee
Committee Meeting
Second Floor Committee Room of City Hall

Board of Alderman Special Meeting
Aldermanic Chambers of City Hall

The Finance Committee will hold a meeting 1 hour before the Board of Alderman holds a special meeting to discuss and possible decide the fate of the proposed DIF at Assembly Square/Row. Mayor Joseph Curtatone gave the board until May 4th to make a decision.

Corresponding Legislation:
· 190977: Recommend Conveying the Assembly Row DIF Consultant Analysis on municipal service impacts.
· 190978: Recommend Conveying the Assembly Row DIF Tri-Party Public Funding Agreement.
· 190988: Recommend Requesting an appropriation of $25,750,000 and authorization to borrow $25,750,000 in a bond for the cost of implementing the Assembly Row DIF District and Development Program. (See corresponding documents to the above items.)

On March 1st, Mayor Curtatone presented his economic plan for Assembly to the Board of Alderman: 

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