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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Twitter & Facebook Abuzz With Candidates-Updated!

Knowing there would be excitement surrounding May 23rd's availability of nomination papers for political candidates, my focus on social networking sites only proved one thing: the race is on in Somerville!

Tony LaFuente

Tony LaFuente (@TonyLaFuente) started off with his announcement that was twittered directly from his Facebook page, "Proud to pull nomination papers for Ward 4 Alderman this morning. I will be out getting signatures over the next couple weeks. I hope to see you on the doorsteps. Please let me know if you would like to sign and we will get the sheets to you!"

His announcement was accompanied by the picture on the left showing Tony at the Election Department overlooking his nomination papers. LaFuente ran unsuccessfully for both Mayor and Alderman-At-Large. Is the third time the charm? We'll find out in November, granted, no one else pulls papers.

Christine Barber
Not to be outdone, Christine Barber (@Barber4Alderman) hit the Twitter circuit soon after with her announcement, "Picked up nomination papers this morning! Very excited to speak with #somerville voters #mapoli." She went on to write on the Facebook page dedicated to her campaign, "Picked up my nomination papers this morning! Email to volunteer!"

Coming off the heels of a great fundraiser at the Paddock last week that included both residents & elected officials, it looks like she's wasting no time pulling the troops together for what is shaping up to be a good fight for Ward 4! Current Alderman, Walter Pero, has decided not to run this election year.

Katjana Ballantyne

Katjana Ballantyne (@KatjanaBallantyne), came in with her announcement late last evening, simply proclaiming, "Exiciting Day --- pulled my nomination papers."

Ballantyne, a Ward 7 Alderman hopeful, made the announcement on her Facebook page that fed directly to her Twitter feed. This is also in the wake of a very successful fundraiser that was held at Orleans in Davis Square.

She also provided a picture showing her smiling, proudly, as she got her papers. Katjana is running against Joan Puglia and incumbant Bob Trane.

Joan Puglia
Sending her message of, "Picked up my nomination papers today for Ward 7 Alderman! Holler if you'd like to sign or help collect signatures," after my press time was Joan Puglia, who is also running in Ward 7.

Joan hit her Facebook page at 10:30pm last night to make her grand announcement and include 6 pictures! This message was also sent out via her Twitter feed at @JWPWard7.

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Teddy S. said...

Courtney, please don't let Ward 5 Online turn into free advertising space for candidates.