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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Goodbye To The Most Boring Budget Season, Ever!

A hike in fees and fines, three layoffs, unfilled positions, and a grab out of the rainy day fund completed this year's budget as the Board of Alderman passed it on June 23rd. Although some members of the BOA were leary of new hikes, they complimented the Mayor and department heads for their fiscal responsibility in what was supposed to be a tremendously difficult year for cities and towns in the wake of drastic cuts on the State level.

Here are the details:
Detailed FY2012 Proposed Budget
Appropriation Order before the Board of Aldermen
The Mayor’s Presentation

Ward 5 Online favorite quote from FY2012 Budget Season: "We here in the clerks's office view the cost of a marriage license as an investment and not as a fee."~John Long

Ward 5 Online favorite happening from FY2012 Budget Season: Me getting caught by the Mayor playing solitaire on my iPhone during the June 23rd Finance Committee meeting of the whole. Mayor Curtatone, "If you put that in the first column, you'll win the game." He was right.

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