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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Porter Square Visioning Process - Newsletter

David Guzman writes, "On June 13, 2011, after an extensive period of collaborative work, the City returned to the neighborhood and presented a draft rezoning proposal which integrated the overall elements for new development that participants had reached consensus on as appropriate for the scale and fabric of the neighborhood. Key community principles such as facilitating development in opportunity areas; respecting the transition between commercial and residential districts; balancing circulation amenities; ensuring design quality and compatibility; providing greater certainty to applicants and abutters; and encouraging sustainable development; were incorporated into the rezoning proposal.

Support documents are posted on the City’s website as:
· Air Rights Parcels (Presentation from Transit Realty Associates and Utile, Inc. Architecture and Design)
· Presentation (6-13-2011)
· Examples of FAR and Height
· Comparison of Zoning Districts
· Proposed Rezoning MapFuture Actions

Since the proposal refinement process involves an open, inclusive, collaborative community approach, OSPCD Planning and Economic Development staff will continue to accept and review comments, inquiries, and concerns from the public over the next six weeks. Interested parties should submit their comments, inquiries or suggestions in writing before July 31, 2011 to OSPCD. City staff will then refine the rezoning proposal based upon the comments and suggestions they have received and report back in September 2011 to the community. The proposal will then be forwarded to the Board of Aldermen for their final decision in October 2011."

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