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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finance Committee Talks GIC in Next Two Meetings

Summer break for the Board of Alderman is being interrupted as Ward 2 and Finance Committee Chair, Maryann Heuston has scheduled two meetings to discuss the transferring of healthcare coverage for city employees to the Group Insurance Commission (GIC).

On Tuesday July 12th, Governor Patrick signed the bill into law allowing cities to sign into the coverage saving millions in healthcare costs. Somerville Joe Curtatone has expressed his support of the bill through the media, but did not include it as part of the FY2012 budget.

The first of the two meetings is tomorrow night at 6:30pm in the second floor committee room of City Hall. This meeting is open, however, it is not labeled as a public hearing so testimony may not be taken at the scheduled meeting time. The next meeting is scheduled for July 27th at 6pm.

Corresponding Legislation:
Legislative File #191787: Requesting to amend the city's health insurance benefits by transferring to the Group Insurance Commission (GIC).

Corresponding Links:
Group Insurance Commission (GIC)

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