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Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Development for 16 Linden Avenue Presented to Neighbors

Diagram #1 of the presentation

The Dante Club was the place to be last night if you were interested in learning of new development on Linden Avenue. Al and Scott Zink along with architect Peter Quinn presented plans to add 5 more units of housing onto the 12,000 square foot lot that is already home to a three family. The space is currently under agreement to purchase.

The group, along with their attorney, will be seeking two special permits, one, to add 5 additional units and the second to have the units as a separate structure. As of right now, the lot is only zoned for the three family that sits on it.

Due to an existing condition with one of the permits, one of the units will be designated as affordable and will be available to families that qualify with a low to moderate income level. The affordable unit will be no different to the other units in the complex that will be set at market value for selling.

Diagram #2 of the presentation

The existing three family will also experience a full interior and exterior refurbishment and will also be sold as condominiums. The lot will feature 8 units total with 13 parking spots to accommodate the occupants. The units will feature anywhere between 2-3 bedrooms and the parking provided is in compliance with zoning expectations.

During the construction, all vehicles and equipment will be kept on site and a summer of 2012 completion date has been set. This date is, of course, dependent upon a successful 6 week permitting phase including meetings with the ZBA and another possible neighborhood meeting should members of the Board of Alderman deem it necessary. Alderman At Large, Bruce Desmond, hosted the meeting last night as Ward 5 Alderman Sean O'Donovan was absent due to a family medical emergency.

Diagram #3 of the presentation

The Construction team brought before and after pictures of other projects they have worked on, as well as, provided 22 Peters Street in Cambridge as an example of their work.

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