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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Word Around The Ward...

It was great to see Ward 7 Alderman, Bob Trane, chowing down at Olde Magoun' Saloon after attending the SomerStreets event on Highland Avenue, Seize The Summer! This isn't unusual for the good alderman to venture out and hang in Ward 5. He makes it a point to frequent Magoun Square a couple times a month.

Candidate for Ward 4 Alderman, Christine Barber, was also spotted hanging out in the Magoun Square hot spot enjoying dinner and a cold beverage with a friend! (Side note: Ward 5 Online gives a Twitter shout-out to any politician or candidate seen frequenting a Ward 5 business. This shout-out will also be featured here as a token of W5O's appreciation for patronizing local businesses).

The residences at Maxwell's Green are already hitting the social media circuit. A Facebook page featuring updated information and pictures has been created and the townhouses look absolutely amazing. Hopefully, all involved can come to a compromise when it comes to labor on the 184 units that still need to be built.

GIC conversations are underway! A Finance Committee meeting on July 21st gave attendees the first view on a powepoint presentation about the Group Insurance Commission, what it has to offer, and how it's going to offer it. Last night, a public hearing was held at City Hall with many filling the Aldermanic Chambers to have their voice heard.

Speaking of City Hall, there will be a lecture tonight on rodent behavior being hosted by Alderman-At-Large, Bill White of the Committee on Public Health and Safety. It features keynote speaker, Bobby Corrigan, who was hired in 2008 to help solve the rat infestation in New York.

The Director of Traffic and Parking & Ward 5/Magoun Square resident, Matt Dias, was spotted cruising up Lowell Street in his Jeep after work. It was nice to get a friendly wave and smile while driving through my beloved square.

The SomerStreets event, Seize The Summer, was certainly well attended if you walked the entire length of Highland Avenue. Spotted setting up was Jackie Rossetti of the Communications Department, Debra McLaughlin and Jennifer Lawrence helping out the Armory, and Frank Santangelo of the DPW. The festival included pools and soccer for the kids, live music, vendors, and even yoga!

Still no word on when the much anticipated "in house" meeting regarding business in Magoun Square will take place. Have no fear, however, this time will give the genuinely interested time to focus on OSPCD's report and come up with great ideas and initiatives for this area of Ward 5!

Seen someone? Heard something? Let me know!


Anonymous said...

How do you get your info on which alderman/candidates have been out and about?

Courtney said...

My preference is to see them myself, however, I do have trusted spies.

Anonymous said...

Matt Dias, the Somerville Acting T&P Director, is one of the best customer friendly guys on the city payroll.